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American Standard Forged Steel Check Valve

Screwed 、Clamp 、Welded vavle

The American standard forged steel check valve of Anix has hard alloy welded on the guide rib by buildup welding. The guide sleeve of the upper cavity of the valve body is made of stainless steel to ensure smooth action of the valve flap; the valve flap and valve seat sealing faces are made of cobalt based hard alloy by plasma spray welding, and are thus high in hardness, erosion resistant and durable. With advanced pressure seal design and high purity graphite ring gasket, the valve is highly airtight. The middle cavity of the valve is of pressure self tightening seal structure; the higher the pressure in the cavity, the better the sealing performance is. The valve flap rotates along the pin outside of the valve seat to reduce impact at the moment of closing.

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Product Detail

Design standards
Design and manufacture: BS 5352, ASME B16.34
Connecting size: ASME B16.11
Test and inspection: API 598

Performance Specification

Nominal pressure:150~800LB 

Strength test:15XPN MPa 

Seal tese:1.1XPN MPa 
Gas seal test:0.6MPa 
Valve body material:A105(C),F304(P),F304(PL),F316(R),F316L(RL)
Suitable medium:water,steam,oil,products,nitric 
Suitable temperature:-29°C~425°C 

Product Structure

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