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Sanitary stainless steel valve

sanitary valve

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The sanitary butterfly valve of Anix has the following advantages: 

1. Both the rubber seal ring and the valve plate of the butterfly valve are imported parts, ensuring the operation performance and the service life of the butterfly valve; 

2. The valve body is finish turned by high precision CNC lathe, ensuring reliable interchangeability of the valve and preventing influence on the operation performance due to change of rubber; 

3. The valve rod is provided with nylon sleeve, reducing the frictional force and thus ensuring smooth opening; 

4. The steel parts are all made of stainless steel; rubber is foodstuff rubber having high sanitary quality; 

5. The diameter of the valve body is the same as the inner diameter of the pipe; the narrow and streamline valve plate at the moment of opening has the same direction as the fluid direction, providing large flow, small resistance and no accumulation of materials; 

6. The handle is wrench type or pull type, and can bear large operation moment, not easy to get broken; 

7. The range of opening and closing is 0°to 90°; it can be fixed on the positions of every 15°, adjustable and easily operated with quickly opening and closing; 

8. The valve body is connected by removable connection, simple in structure and easily maintained; 

9. The valve has an elegant appearance and smooth surface without dust or burr; 

10. The quality of the valve is assured by strict strength test and seal test; 

11. The service life of the valve is assured by fatigue life test on randomly taken samples for not less than 30,000 times.
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