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Two Piece Female Thread Ball Valve 3000/6000WOG

Screwed 、Clamp 、Welded vavle

The high pressure ball valve of Anix is a type of manual valve. The ball valve has a sphere with a round channel as the opening and closing part, which rotates along with the valve rod to realize opening and closing. The opening and closing part of the ball valve is a sphere with a through hole, which rotates around the axis vertical to the channel to realize opening and closing of the channel. The ball valve is mainly used for cutting off or connecting the media of pipes and equipments, and can also be used for regulation and control of fluids. The ball valve not only has small fluid resistance, simple structure, small volume and light weight, but also is reliable, compact, and easily operated and maintained. Besides, there will be no erosion to the sealing faces of the valve. Therefore, the valve has a wide range of application.

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Design standards
Design Standard:ASME B16.34
Face to Face:DIN3202-M3
End Connections:ASBE M.20.11(NPT)、DIN2999&BS21、ISO228/1&ISO7/1
Test and Inspection:API 598

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