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ANSI and JIS Flange Check Valves

Check valve( flanged,wafer )

The American standard and Japanese standard check valves of Anix are made of well selected materials with high overall quality, in accordance with relevant national and international standards. The sealing pairs of the valves are advanced and reasonable; the valve flap and valve seat sealing faces are made of iron based alloy or Stellite cobalt based hard alloy by buildup welding, and have good wearing, high temperature, corrosion and scratch resistant performance and long service life. Different pipe flange standards and flange sealing face types can be used to meet the requirements of different projects and users. There are a complete range of materials to be used for the valve bodies, and the gaskets can be selected according to the actual working conditions or the requirements of the users. The valves are thus applicable to different working conditions with various pressure, temperature and media. The valves can be customized to be of different structures and connections according to the requirements of the users to match with different equipments.

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Product Detail

Design standards
Design & Manufacture as Per: API 6D、BS 1868、ASME B16.34
Face to face dimension as per: ASME B16.10、API 6D
Connection ends dimension as per: ASME B16.5、ASME B16.47、JIS B2220
Inspection and test as per: ISO 5208、API 598、BS 6755

Performance Specification
Nominal pressure:150,300LB,10K,20K 
Strength test:PT3.0,7.5,2.4,5.8MPa 
Seal tese:2.2,5.5,1.5,4.0MPa 
Gas seal test:0.6MPa 
Valve body material:WCB(C),CF8(P),CF3(PL),CF8M(R),CF3M(RL)
Suitable medium:water,steam,oil,products,nitric 
Suitable temperature:-29°C~425°C 

Product Structure

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