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High performance silent check valve

Check valve( flanged,wafer )

ANIX group produces national standard silencer check valves with the following features:
1. The disc is guided by the central shaft at both ends of the inlet, and can be opened and closed flexibly, and can be installed horizontally or vertically.
2. The front end of the disc central shaft is provided with a contraband structure. The shaft sleeve limits the rotation movement of the disc to reduce the influence of disc switch on the fluid.
3. The disc is spring loaded, and its quick closing can effectively eliminate water hammer.
4. Streamlined design of valve body with low fluid resistance.5. Combined structure of soft seal and hard seal, good sealing performance, no noise.

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Product Detail

Design standards
Design and& Manufacture as Per:GB/T 12235、ASME B16.34、JIS B2074
Connection ends dimension as per:JB/T 79、HG/T 20592、ASME B16.5、JIS B2220
Inspection and test as per:GB/T 26480、API 598、JIS B2003

Performance Specification
Nominal pressure:PN10,PN16,150LB,10K 
Strength testing pressure:PT1.5,2.4,3.0,2.4MPa
Seal esting pressure(high pressure):1.1,1.8,2.2,1.5MPa 
Applicable media:water and corrosive medium 
Applicable temperature:0~80°C 

Product Structure

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