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Flange Ball Valve (Fixed Ball Type)

Ball valve(flanged,wafer)

The flange ball valve (fixed ball type) of Anix has the following features:
1. The material of the valve in contact with the media is selected in accordance with NACE01-75, and the surface is nickel plated as per the standard to meet the requirements of the working conditions in vulcanizing environments;
2. Polymer or metal is used as the sealing material, having good sealing performance under the working conditions with high temperature and high pressure;
3. Packing box is provided to prevent flying out of the valve rod due to abnormal pressure rise in the valve cavity; back seal structure is added to ensure reliable sealing of the packing;
4. The valve is applicable to pipes of chemical, oil refining, oil gas, natural gas, steel and iron media, etc.

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Product Detail

Design standards
Design and manufacturing specifications: API6D/BS 5351/ISO 17292/GB 12237
Structure length: API6D/ANSIB16.10/GB 12221
Test and Inspection: API6D/API 598/GB 26480/GB 13927/ISO 5208

Performance Specification
Nominal pressure: (1.6-10.0)Mpa,(150-1500)LB,10K/20K
Strength test:PT1.5PNMpa
Seal Test: PT1.1PNMpa 
Gas seal test: 0.6Mpa

Product Structure

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