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High performance Electric fluorine butterfly valve

Ball valve(flanged,wafer)

Anix group fluorine-butterfly valves is medium inside the body are all made of the lining technology can achieve, lining materials commonly used FEP (F46) and PTFE (F4) PCTFE (F3) PO FRPP fluorine plastic, are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, dyeing, pesticide, acid alkali production industries and other corrosive medium such as pipeline, but fluorine-butterfly valves by the limitations of temperature is larger, we lined with fluorine valves are: fluorine-butterfly butterfly valve, fluorine-butterfly valves.

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Product Detail

Design standards
Technical specification:GB
Design Standard:AGB/T 12237、 ASMEB16.34
Face to Face:GB/T 12231、 ASMEB16.34
Flanged Ends:GB/T 9113 JB 79/HG/ASMEB16.5
Test and Inspection:GB/T 13927 GB/T 26480 API598

Performance Specification
Nominal pressure:1.0,1.6,2.5MPa 
Strength testing pressure:1.5,2.4,3.8MPa 
Seal Test:1.1,1.8,2.8MPa 
Gas seat test:0.6MPa 
Valve body material:Castiron,Carbonsteel,Stainless,Stffi 
Applicsble medium:Acid alkali and Other Corrosive Media 
Applicsble temperature:-29~150°C 


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