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Pneumatic High Performance V Shaped Ball Valve

Ball valve(flanged,wafer)

The high performance V shaped ball valve of Anix has the following features:

1. Advantages of compact structure, small volume and vertical or horizontal installation;

2. Maximum reliability/safety: the valve body is sturdy and durable as a whole to avoid leakage, the operation of which is not affected by the pipe pressure;

3. Pneumatic, electric, pneumatic regulating and electric regulating types available; refer to the section on the actuator and regulating valve for details;

4. Double bearing structure with high mechanical stability and small starting torque to ensure excellent sensitivity and response speed of the valve;

5. Excellent regulating performance: the V shaped ball valve has an inherent flow characteristic similar to equal percentage and a rangeability up to 300:1; therefore, the V shaped valve can provide accurate control in a wide variation range;

6. Superior sealing performance of the metal valve seat: the V shaped ball valve has a movable metal valve seat with automatic compensation function, superior sealing performance and super long service life; from the aspect of flow direction, the leakage amount ≤10-6× rated flow coefficient;

7. Maximum flow volume: with streamline appearance and full quarter turn control, the maximum volume is very large, leading to very large flow capability and small flow resistance; therefore, a more economical and practical valve smaller in size can be used;

8. Super strong cutting capability: the V shaped ball valve is of metal hard seal structure; during rotation of the valve spool and the metal valve seat, a strong cutting force will be generated at the V notch and the valve seat, capable to cut impurities like fibers; it also has self cleaning function to avoid blocking of the valve.

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Product Detail

Design standards

Technical specificationGB  AS  DIN  JS
Design StandardGB/T 12237  API6D  

Face to FaceGB/T 12221  ASME B16.10  
Flanged EndsGB/T 9113  JB 79  HG 20592  ASME B16.5  DIN2542-2546  JIS B2212  JIS B2214
Test and InspectionGB/T 13927  B/T 26480  API6D  API598  DIN3230  JIS B2003

Performance Specification

Nominal pressure: According to the corresponding standard. 

Strength test: Strictly according to the corresponding standards. 
Seal Test: Strictly according to the corresponding standards.
Gas seal test: 0.6Mpa 
Valve body material: WCB (C), CF8 (P), CF3 (PL), CF8M (R), CF3M (RL) 
Suitable medium: water, steam, oil Containing fibers, small solid particles, slurry, etc
Suitable temperature:-29℃~180-29℃~300℃-40~450℃-40~600℃

Product Structure

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