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Sanitary pneumatic tee ball valve

sanitary valve

ANIX valve sanitary pneumatic three-way ball valve, according to customer requirements to use double action or single action pneumatic actuator, driving air source 5-7bar compressed air, the sanitary pneumatic ball valve after precise production process and strict inspection process.During processing, the runner is treated with precision polishing and sterilization, and the structure design has no dead Angle.The two ends are clamps connected to facilitate disassembly, cleaning and maintenance. The working principle is to drive the rotation of the sphere through the rotation of the pneumatic actuator at 90 degrees to achieve the circulation and blocking of the medium.It has the advantages of flexible opening, stable working, compact structure, light weight and beautiful appearance, small opening and closing moment, quick response, good quality, long life, smooth inner wall polishing, unimpeded, clean and sanitary, no dead Angle and easy cleaning.
Health level the ball valve is made of high quality stainless steel, can satisfy the food, biological pharmacy field and the special requirements of various kinds of medium, its smooth, seamless, automatic emptying handicraft fluid channel is also very suitable for the need of steam step it in-place cleaning, in the process of manufacturing according to the FDA requires strict quality control, was made for the GMP requirements.

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Product Detail

Performance Specification

Technical specificationISODINIDFSMS3A

Caliber standard:DN15-DN100

structural styleTL

Working pressure0-1.6Mpa

Suitable temperature:-20-180

Valve body material: CF8 (P), CF3 (PL), CF8M (R), CF3M (RL)

Application scopePharmaceutical, food, beer, drinking water, beverage etc.


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