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Thin type flange ball valve

Ball valve(flanged,wafer)

The thin type flange ball valve of Anix is manufactured on the basis of many years’ experience in development and manufacture of ball valves:
1. the valve seat is designed to be of double lip seal structure to enhance sealing and reduce the operation torque; the valve seat can be made of various materials, suitable for more areas;
2. the valve rod is designed to be of explosion proof structure and bottom mounting type to prevent flying out under pressure; PTFE guide is also used to reduce friction on the valve rod and reduce the operation torque;
3. the valve is designed to be of fireproof and anti-static structure; the fireproof and anti-static structure can also be customized according to the requirements of the customers or the working conditions; 4. the valve is designed to be of integrated structure to reduce the number of leakage points and require less space for installation.

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Product Detail

Design standards

Technical specification:GB

Design standand:GB/T 12237

Length of the structure: GB/T 12221

Connection Flange: GB/T 9113  JB 79  HG/T 20592

Test and Inspection:GB/T 13927 GB/T 26480

Performance Specification
Nominal pressure:1.6Mpa
Strength test:2.4Mpa
Seal tese:1.8Mpa
Gas seal test:0.6MPa 
Valve body material:WCB(C),CF8(P),CF3(PL),CF8M(R),CF3M(RL)
Suitable medium:water,steam,oil,products,nitric acid,acetic acid
Suitable temperature:-29°C~425°C 

Product Structure

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