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High performance Pneumatic thread ball Valve

Ball valve(flanged,wafer)

The pneumatic valve of Anix is under remote intelligent control. The actuator has double action type and single action type (spring reset) with gear and rack transmission, safe and reliable; in case of large diameter, the pneumatic actuator has double action type and single action type with fork type transmission, reasonable in structure and large in output torque.

1. Gear type double pistons are provided with large output moment and small volume;

2. The gas cylinder is made of aluminum gold material, light in weight and elegant in appearance;

3. Manual operation mechanism can be installed on the top and at the bottom;

4. With rack type connection, the opening angle and the rated flow can be adjusted;

5. The actuator can be equipped with electric signal feedback indications and various accessories to realize automatic operation.

6. IS05211 standard connection makes it convenient for installation and replacement of the product;

7. Screws adjustable at two ends provide a regulating range of ±4° to the standard product within 0° and 90° to ensure the synchronization precision with the valve;

Cutoff type accessories: single electric control solenoid valve, double electric control solenoid valve and limit switch;

Gas source treatment accessories: air filtering and pressure relief valve, and gas source treatment triplex.

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Product Detail

Performance Specification
Nominal pressure:PN1.6-6.4
Strength testing pressure:PT1.5PN  
Seat testing pressure(low pressure):0.6MPa  
Applicsble media:Q611F-(16-64)C Water.Oil. Gas  
Applicsble temperature:-29~150°C  
Applicsble media:Q611F-(16-64)P Nitric acid  
Q611F-(16-64)R Acetic acid  
Applicsble temperature:-40~150°C

Product Structure

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