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Female Thread globe valve

Screwed 、Clamp 、Welded vavle

The female thread globe valve of Anix has a body cap of threaded structure; the valve rod and hand wheel are connected by a tightly wedged square to reduce the manufacture and assembly error; the valve spool sealing faces are convex in shape and sealed with the valve seat using lines; the sealing faces are made of hard alloy, providing good sealing performance and long service life.

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Product Detail

Performance Specification

Nominal pressure:PN1.6,2.5,4.0,6.4MPa 
Strength testing pressure:PT2.4,3.8,6.0,9.6MPa
Seat testing pressure(high pressure):1.8,2.8,4.4,7.1MPa 
Applicsble temperature:-29~150°C 
Applicsble media:J11H-(16-64)C Water.Oil. Gas 

                         J11H-(16-64)P Nitric acid 
                          J11H-(16-64)R Acetic acid 

Product Structure

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