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High performance electric ball valve

Ball valve(flanged,wafer)

The electric valve of Anix has the following features:

1. Design of integrated structure: the position transmitter and the servo amplifier, as two independent parts, can be directly installed into the actuating mechanism to receive 4-20mA control signals directly and to output 4-20mA or 1-5VDC valve position feedback signals; the valve has self diagnosis function and is convenient in operation and calibration;

2. Design of functional modular structure: simple and complicated control can be realized by the combination of different optional functions to meet the different application requirements;

3. The valve is simple is structure, small in volume, light in weight and easily installed and maintained; all the mechanical parts are CNC machined with exquisite workmanship;

4. Transmission is all done by small backlash seal gears, with the features of high efficiency, low noise, long service life, stable and reliable performance and no need for refill of oil, etc.;

5. Different operation speeds are provided to meet the requirements of different control systems to ensure rapid response and stability of the system;

6. The valve connection is done by flexible coil spring to avoid influence on the valve due to disalignment between the valve rod and the output shaft; the cutoff force of the valve can be preset to ensure reliable cutoff and no leakage;

7. Torque switch protection is provided to avoid damage to the valve rod due to excessive torque by the valve;

8. High speed synchronous motor made of high performance rare earth magnetic materials is used as the drive motor, with the features of stable operation, small volume, large moment, locked rotor prevention and high control precision, etc.;

9. Section wise regulation can be put into use, i.e. to control two actuating mechanisms by the double time scale signals output from one regulator;

10. Fully sealed high precision multiturn potentiometer is used as the valve position feedback component with the features of small volume, high precision, small dead zone and long service life, etc.

11. The stroke is adjustable, making it convenient for valve connection;

12. All the electrical components are world famous brands with reliable quality and long service life;

13. The electrical components are wired strictly and completely isolated from the drive parts to improve the operation reliability of the actuating mechanism.

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Product Detail

Performance Specification
Nominal pressure:PN1.6-6.4,Class150/300,10K/20K 
Strength testing pressure:PT1.5PN 
Seat testing pressure(low pressure):0.6MPa 
Applicsble media:Q911/41F-(16-64)C Water.Oil. Gas 
Applicsble temperature:-29~150°C 
Applicsble media:Q911/41F-(16-64)P Nitric acid 
Q911/41F-(16-64)R Acetic acid 
Applicsble temperature:-40~150°C

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